The Stairs to Nowhere, the Skywalk, the Suspension Bridge and the Ice Palace are the highlights of the Dachstein Mountains.

The Dachstein Region is the ultimate destination: breathtaking views—both wide and deep!–from the Dachstein Skywalk with its glass floor. “Do whatever you want!” is the motto in the Dachstein. The options range from sightseeing, snowboarding, skiing and cross-country to climbing, hiking, mountaineering and paragliding. The Dachstein Glacier Railway, an excellent Austrian summer railway, gives guests easy access to the lofty alpine world of the Dachstein, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

With the most magnificent views…

The big attraction is still the “Dachstein Skywalk” at the summit station of the Dachstein cable car: The Skywalk, also known as “the balcony of the Alps,” is perched atop the 250-meter-high vertical rock face of the Hunerkogel and juts out over the its edge. The Skywalk’s brand-new glass floor guarantees incomparable views—both wide and deep! In addition to the observation deck, there is also the Skywalk-Route, which leads you around the Dachstein summit station. This pathway reveals to the visitor the very best views of the Dachstein’s imposing South Face, as well as some of the most beautiful peaks in the Alps.

(Glacier-) iced-coffee with breakfast

The wildly-popular sunrise excursions to the Dachstein are offered every Thursday. Mountain-lovers and early birds can experience one of Nature’s most spectacular displays, when the Dachstein Glacier is bathed in a red glow at sunrise. Fortified by breakfast in the Panorama Restaurant, you’ll be ready to complete your Dachstein experience with a hike on the glacier–or perhaps a morning paraglider flight!

Sports fanatics unite!

Those sporting enthusiasts who like to aim high–in the truest sense of the word—will feel very much at home on the Dachstein Glacier. The Burton Superpark Dachstein is the ideal venue for snowboard aficianados, being one of the most popular parks in the Alps in the early summer and autumn. Large “kickers” allow spectacular jumps and tricks, and rails and boxes provide additional excitement. The glacier trails offer cross-country skiing in the summer with magnificent panoramic views; downhill skiers, meanwhile, get to enjoy the unique experience of a sun-drenched run at 2,700 meters above sea level. For hikers, climbers and mountaineers, Dachstein is truly an Eldorado, with well-marked glacier paths, countless hiking trails, summit routes, 14 fixed-rope routes and over 100 different climbing routes.

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